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School Programs


Your donations to Monterey State Historic Park Association support the following educational programs:

  • Hands On Mexican-California 4th Grade Program

  • Hands On California Indian Rumsien Program

  • Los Niños summer camp for students in grades 3 through 6

The three educational programs are all different with regards to age groups targeted, curriculum covered, as well as time and cost differences. All three programs accommodate varying needs within the elementary school communities that visit Monterey State Historic Park.

The money spent on these programs remains at the local level (Monterey State Historic Park) and enables us to continue to offer high quality educational experiences for your students by funding our field staff and providing for program material costs. We also offer scholarships to offset bus costs. For more information, see the park website.

Another way to support our school programs is as a volunteer. For information about Volunteering Please Click Here.

Volunteer with the Monterey State Historic Park

For information about Volunteering Please Click Here. We look forward to hearing from you! Thank you!


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